trulifesaver (trulifesaver) wrote,

Coming Through The End Again

Keep writing--
Never pining.

I know it seems that the feelings will never escape or abate.

But, I say--
If someone was amazingly good
And deliciously bad enough--
To make you cry--
Use that pain as a reason to write.

Nothing is more cathartic.
It's well known that the best works Come from heartache--
A heart that's been beaten and torn Apart.

Suddenly, you'll find your creativity.
You'll cry, and the emotions
Expressed as words
Won't stop falling out--

You can say to yourself with certainty--
"That's the one and only thing that you did for me."

Your words will remain long after
The source of hurt has gone--
After the memories have been Obscured in fog.

Your work is immortal--
But your breaking is not.
So strike now--
While the iron is hot.

Let it be your secret vindication--
Your own satiation--
They could never possess you--
Only steal away with the smallest Broken piece.

Perhaps now you'll walk with a limp That may never cease--
But once again,
You'll come out on top.

Because you'll take the experience--
And absorb it into you--
While they go ahead foolish
And do what they do.

A lesson is lost on most
And learned by the few--
Who have the strength,
Wisdom and foresight--
To see the pain through.

So I pose to you a thought,
For your consideration--
That the one who seems
To have lost in love,
Was always the stronger--
And will, of course,
Surpass their previous lover.

There's no doubt in my mind--
That if you think
You're the one most broken--
That you're truly the better of two.

Because sociopaths
Never question themselves.
Nor realize or care or know--
What it means to hurt you.

You may think me crazy
Or heartless to say--
I know you can't see it now--
But, this loss
Was the most beneficial gain.

An expensive tariff to pay--
A piece of yourself
That you gave away--
To another,
Who was not worthy.

Just for now,
Try to stay--
Remain in the pain--
A perilous trek,
A risky endeavor.
And the gain?

One and the same
As my wish for you--
That through baptism by fire
You'll begin to mend--

And have the greatest joy
In rediscovering
The best kind of love--
At the other end. 😙

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